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Climate Impacts Coastal Wastewater Management and Town Planning

The anonymous statement “At the beach, life is different.” is an adage that often brings to mind many idealistic lifestyle visions of surf, sun, sand and fun. However, the saying also holds true for wastewater treatment in many coastal communities. On the Outer Banks, and in other similar areas, one of the most feasible ways to treat wastewater is through decentralized, onsite wastewater systems, sometimes called septic systems.

ag真人网赌平台 Scientists Help Filter Through “Too Much Information” in the Mangrove Conservation World

As the situation with COVID-19 is showing us, science and data are most useful when they are made accessible and available to those who need and use them. This is just as true for global conservation efforts in this era of big data.

ag真人网赌平台’s David Lagomasino to Help Assess Everglades Mangrove Recovery Post-Hurricane Irma

ag真人网赌平台 Department of Coastal Studies assistant professor David Lagomasino is part of a team of researchers from ag真人网赌平台 and Florida International University (FIU) who have been awarded funding from the National Parks Service for a project to assess the resilience and recovery of mangrove forests in the Florida Everglades that were impacted by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

CSI, ag真人网赌平台 Researchers Study Beach Nourishment Effects on Pea Island

Beach nourishment projects are no stranger to Outer Banks beaches which have experienced net erosion without human intervention. State regulations prohibit hard structure mitigation installments such as sea walls, bulk heads, and sandbags on the oceanfront leaving few viable options for response to erosion.

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